Dada Shop Project

Dada Shop Project

Project Description
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  • Wednesday January 4th, 2017

This Project was designed and supplied with all lighting and power products by Al-Riyad Group Company. We have used specialized fashion lighting from Opple with features of rendering true colors of products in display. Lighting products used are ِadjustable LED Spot Grid High Quality 1×7.5W, 2×7.5Wand 2x20W with single light in small and large sizes, and duel light in large size.

Hidden lights used are the T5 from Opple in 1200 mm, 900 mm, and 600mm.

For the decorative lighting, we have used Randa pendent (suspended) lighting with an elegant design. We have used the entire family collection of this design that comes in single suspended sphere, 12-sphere chandelier, wall lamp, and floor lamp.

We have also used Belanco MCB switches from Legrand in addition to the power circuits and panel boards.
The final result came as a master piece of art, enjoy browsing the photographs on the left!


Arasat Alhindiya, Baghdad
Model Voltage Power(W) Lumen(lm) Beam Angle Color Temperature IP Lifetime
LedSpotGR-HQ-1 7.5W-3000-24D-WH-GP AC220-240V 7 420 24° 3000K IP20 30000hrs
LedSpotGR-HQ-2 7.5W-3000-24D-WH-GP AC220-240V 14 840 24° 3000K IP20 30000hrs
LedSpotGR-HJ-2 20W-3000-24D-WH-GP AC220-240V 20 3600 24° 3000K IP20 30000hrs

- Easy, accessory free installation
- Easily retrofit conventional fixtures with LED
- Up to 50% energy savings compared to conventional T5 batten


- Plastic unibody design with integrated connector
- Broad range of lengths and color temperatures
- Energy efficient