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November 2017

AlRiyad Group becomes a KNX Partner

After our engineers have passed the advanced certification exam this year in Dubai, AlRiyad Group became an official partner with KNX. KNX is an International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3) as well as a European Standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1). It is the world´s only open Standard for the control in both commercial and residential buildings. The driving force behind KNX is KNX Association, a group of leading companies active in many fields of home and building control. Currently, KNX [...]

October 2017

The Annual Event of AlRiyad Group Company

Celebrating our partnership with Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructure, Al-Riyad Group Company is holding the annual event this year at the Gilgamesh Hall at Babylon Warwick Hotel in Baghdad on the 17th of December 2017. 2017/12/17 17:00:00

September 2017

Take a Look at This Elegant Outdoor Lighting from Lutec

Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. منتج رائع متخصص للإنارة الخارجية مقدم من شركة لوتك العالمية. مناسب للمباني و المجمعات السكنية و حدائق المنازل، متوفر بأطوال مختلفة و يتميز بقابلية التركيب (الفك والشد) حسب حاجات المستخدم. كما يتميز بإمكانية توجيه الأضواء بزوايا متعددة. للمزيد يرجى مشاهدة الفديو أدناه.

August 2014

Global Dealer Meeting 2014

OPPLE held its annual Global Dealer Meeting in the Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel. The event brought together major distributors from all over the world. Part of the meeting’s intent is to emphasize the value of in-person communication and maintain and further the strong sense .During the event rewards had been distributed & ALriyad company won the silver partnership Award ALriyad where completion of 2014 was so hard.

May 2013

March 2013

Baghdad international fair(Legrand )

Al Riyad  Group company had a very large participation in baghdad Int fair 2013 by more then 100s 50M shared with other companies of AL Mustaqbal group , Al Riyad Group Company  divided a area to four seperated booths of Legrand , Philips, opple, and lutec . Our area was distinguished by beautiful design and  products displayed in our booths many meetings were held in our booths between our customers and official representative of legrand  and Legrand export manager [...]