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Alriyad Group Company is proud of achieving and participating in the completion of many lighting and power projects for a large number of buildings and important sites throughout the country by providing complete power solutions and designing specialized lighting systems, in addition to supplying the required control and wiring devices. To learn more, please visit our projects page at:

Yes. Our priority is to supply the market with power efficient and eco-friendly lighting products known with their high quality and long working life. To learn more about our products please visit our products page:


Al-Riyad Group Company headquarter is located at :

  • Karada Kharij, near Uqba bin Nafea Square, Baghdad, Iraq.

We also have two other showroom in Baghdad :

  • Al-Riyad showroom: Al-Shourja, Aked Al-Nasarah, Al-Thuraiyat St. Baghdad, Iraq, and
  • Philips showroom: Al-Shourja, Aked Al-Nasarah, Al-Thuraiyat St. Baghdad, Iraq.

We do have our dealers and distributors located at many other locations throughout the country, please contact us to get their exact locations and contact information.

Definitely, we have a wide range of products specially designed to fit children’s places and rooms from the following elegant brands:

Legrand is French made, and GEWISS is Italian.


  • Home lighting: our products cover every aspect of lighting needs ranging from indoor and outdoor lighting, gardens’ lighting, and decorative and architectural lighting.
  • Professional and commercial lighting: for both small and large projects, we design and implement lighting and power solutions for buildings and sites like hospitals, schools, companies, hotels…etc. In addition to architectural lighting, street lighting, gardens and parks lighting, decorative lighting and much more.

Yes, from Brennestuhl brand. We have multi-way extensions & plug-in appliances, switchable extension sockets that varies in length and features, some are built-in with over-voltage / surge protection and they come in multiple colors and designs suitable for different user needs.

India, and we mainly provide their ceiling, wall, and floor fans designed for homes, and their exhaust fans manufactured for both home and industrial use.

Yes, you can call +964 (0) 782 782 4410 or email

فرنسا هي بلد المنشأ لشركة ليكراند المتخصصة بتصنيع منتجات الطاقة التي يمكن حصرها ضمن الفئات التالية:

  • منتجات المستخدم من مقابس و مفاتيح كهربائية و نحوه
  • توزيع الطاقة كألواح التوزيع و الدوائر الكهربائيه و نحوه
  • أنظمة المباني لإدارة الانارة و إدارة الكامرات الأمنية
  • إدارة الكابلات كألواح الأرضية المرتفعه و المقابس الأرضية و أنظمة أسلاك تحت الأرض
  • مواد تنصيب كهربائية كالأسلاك الاضافية و الأنابيب و الصمامات …الخ.

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. LED’s are modern lighting devices come with many features compared with incandescent and fluorescent illuminating devices, include:

  • Low power requirement: Most types can be operated with battery power supplies.

  • High efficiency: Most of the power supplied to an LED or IRED is converted into radiation in the desired form, with minimal heat production.

  • Long life: When properly installed, an LED or IRED can function for decades.

We offer a wide range of LED lighting products, please visit our products page to learn more, or walk in to one of our main showrooms located in Baghdad or any of our branches located all around the country.

We offer an amazing collection of chandeliers from world class brands come in various designs, sizes and colors. Our collection is growing with new arrivals being updated periodically, please visit our products page to learn more.

Yes! We have a free app available for download on both iPhone and android phones called Alriyad Pro:


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