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October 2019

July 2019


أقوى العروض  من شركة مجموعة الرياض تقدم مجموعة الرياض عرض مميز لزبائنها في بغداد الان يمكنكم اختيار الانارة المنزلية مع امكانية بيع الانارة القديمة بقيمة معينة من قيمة الفاتورة عند شرائكم للانارة المنزلية الجديدة التي يتم اختيارها من أحد معارضنا ،علما ان التوصيل والتركيب مجاًناً من قبل كوادرنا ضمن هذا العرض للأستفسار عن هذا العرض يمكنكم  الاتصال على 07822222033 او ندعوكم لزيارتنا للتعرف اكثر عن العرض الجديد #هسه_تكدر ..العرض لفترة محدودة :يمكنكم التسجيل من خلال هذه الأستمارة لكي يتسنى لك الأستفادة من العرض   أستمارة التقديم هسة [...]

April 2019

Airport lighting with IAA and Iraqi Airways

AlRiyad Group Company held a conference, 25-April -2019 Thursday in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Authority “IAA”, And Iraqi Airways “IA” the Conference on modern methods of lighting runways under the title “Airport Lighting” And special parking spaces “taxiway” During the conference, the most important studies and lighting of the airports provided by the company “EATON” US

Job Fair at Al-Mansoor University College

The participation ALRiyad Group on Job Exhibition held at AlMansoor University College Allocation of a large part of the organization’s potential to motivate young people and overcome the difficulties they face before and during their career in the private sector. It is our responsibility and our mission to share the experiences we have gained in all fields A great experience and a great effort.

March 2019

Elderly House Visit

AlRiyad Group Company  on 21st March, Thursday celebrated the occasion of Mother’s Day by visiting our mothers at the elderly home in Sulaikh. Our gift was to replace the lighting of the old lighting house with modern lighting from Opple and this project is accomplished, working with a team from TAT, We are very pleased to share the joy of Mother’s Day and to highlight the faces of our mothers to see their smile fill the house.  

MOO Seminar on Modern Lighting Technology

A symposium was held on modern lighting technology in energy saving, cost and its impact on our daily life on 14-March -2019 at the Iraqi Ministry of Oil. The symposium was attended by the assistant director general of the oil exploration company, the director of the maintenance department, the consultants in the distribution company, We thank the founders of this workshop, which aims to use modern energy and smart lighting that will reduce waste of energy and increase the [...]

January 2019

Feel the Light Event

AlRiyad Group held its annual conference in Babylon Hotel on 26 December 2018 in cooperation with the Asian giant Opple International, Awards ceremony for the best agents for the year 2018, in the presence of representatives from Opple The opening ceremony was attended by the Director General of the AlRiyad Group Company, EO welcomed the audience and summarized the progress achieved by the Group in providing integrated solutions for energy and lighting in the public and private sectors in Iraq. [...]

November 2018

Go Power Conference

On the 20th of November 2018, AlRiyad Group company held Go_Power conference oriented to engineers, electricians, and technicians. The aim of the conference was to identify and solve the most important problems and difficulties faced by any electrician during work.  AlRiyad group for more than 30 years in the field of lighting and energy solutions showcased the most important products and brands introduced to the local market and the most modern technologies promoted by the company  like #smart_home or #Home_Automation [...]

ISO 9001: 2015 AlRiyad Group has obtained the international quality certificate

AlRiyad Group for Lighting and Energy has obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certificate, which is one of the most important standards in the world’s largest companies and institutions, which is awarded by the international organization specialized in international quality standards United Register Of System URS- UK This certificate is a pride for the AlRiyad Group as the company that applies all the international standards required for quality to rise to the ranks of regional and international institutions. With its [...]

October 2018