About Us

Committed to Quality

Who We Are

ALRIYAD GROUP COMPANY is considered as one of the leading suppliers of lighting and power products in Iraq including the head office in Baghdad, also has regional offices in China and UAE. Based on global evolution in powering and lighting concept, the company has decided to bring the variety in products to the Iraqi market and to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Since 1986, as part of the planning process, ALRIYAD Vision has cared for its clients and built long term relationships with our customers and clients by providing exceptional customer services and pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology by:

1- Reducing complex concepts to simple, easy-to-understand explanations of our services and by catering modern and innovated products.

2- Helping clients manage their expectations to maximize their satisfaction and minimize their disappointment.

Behind the planning, there’s a person, a family or a company that’s entrusting us with their future. We respect and honor that responsibility

We aim to regional expansion in the field of lighting systems and power solutions, develop a strong base of key customers, build good reputation, and become a key player in the regional market.

Our Strategy

AL-Riyad strategy is based upon understanding the consumers and making them the center of any service or idea. We adopt this in order to provide the clients with the highest and most quality of products that can meet their aspirations.

Our Mission

To utilize the latest technologies and processes, and to expertly execute our projects. To provide continuous training and support to our employees empowering them to maintain an unmatched excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction as we expand towards the improvement of the clients’ grid.

Our Vision

To bring the future of lighting to places around us by bringing smart, modern lighting solutions so with us tomorrow is already here!

Our Values

  • Environment : we always consider reducing the impact of climate change on the nature and our environment by providing Eco-friendly products and supplying substitute power i.e. solar energy , and economic energy.

  • Quality : we care about providing the clients the high quality products

  • Trust & Ethics : is earned by actions, by always exceeding our customer’s expectations, and giving them peace of mind. We strive to present excellent customer service because we understand, anticipate, and meet our customers’ present and future needs.

  • Sustainability & Efficiency: We improve the quality of life to all our clients’ grid by providing the long life products due to source of manufacturing of the products.

Our History